The deadline for final World Baseball Classic roster submission is Thursday, meaning the next few days figure to be chock-a-block with news bites on who is in and who is out for the upcoming festivities. The biggest one to surface over the past 24 hours ago suggests that, perhaps, Troy Tulowitzki will not suit up for team USA.

Tulowitzki insists his is healthy but, as is the nature of the beast, his is an insurance issue now. The WBC must insure his contract, all $140 million dollars of it. So…let’s assume Tulowitzki is out for now.

Tidbits ahoy!

As the full tournament is available on the MLB Network, they are extracting as much content from this event as possible. The full rosters will be announced live on the Network on Thursday. Team USA gets its own show at 10am with the full remaining rosters going up at 4pm.

Just as excitement starts to build, however, the rules committee smacks down the tournament with furious anger.

I mean, really? C’mon, guys. LIVE A LITTLE. I guess that explains why Glen Perkins is on the American roster. Everybody needs a good swingman if they want to survive the hamstringing of the event.