As readers of Getting Blanked well know, the World Baseball Classic is looked upon fondly in these parts. We want it to be a big deal and we want the best players to play. We don’t want to see anybody hurt during a meaningless exhibition but consider some of the pitch counts and limits overkill.

That said, it is difficult to begrudge players who don’t play. The even remains in its infancy – in time and with the proper support, we hope the best band brightest baseball stars will see the WBC as an opportunity to represent their country and play on a big stage, too.

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports goes one better. Morosi took to twitter this afternoon to decry many American stars who won’t be suiting up for Team USA this spring.

Passionate words from a man/writer who wants to see the best represent his country. Nothing really to see here, right?

Personally, I found it very interesting that Morosi sees fit to call out players by name for not playing in a voluntary baseball tournament “for their country” mere hours after he published a column lauding a contract which circumvents the American tax system.

David Price is held up as a smart cookie because he saved himself a cool $230K by signing his most recent contract late in 2012 and getting a large signing bonus up front – mere days before a new law introduced stiffer tax rates in the highest brackets.

Sure, it is Price’s money and he is free to protect and/or save it as he sees fit, but the contrast between the significance of two gestures is striking. Morosi marvels at Price and his agent’s deft bookkeeping but expresses disappointment in the player’s unwillingness to represent their nation.

Morosi pounds his chest and proudly declares “[i]t seems several American stars see the WBC as a matter of convenience, rather than an obligation to country and sport” in his column on the matter. As opposed to paying a slightly higher tax rate, which is a tyrannical attack on Price’s liberty?

David Price the ordinary citizen is praised for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the public coffers with “the coolest contract in MLB” but David Price the baseball player “bears a unique responsibility” to his country to grow the sport? Gotcha. Glad we cleared that up.