Matt Kemp has all the money in the world. As a professional baseball player in the month of January, he also has all the time in the world. As such, baseball players tend to do things like get enormous tattoos paying tribute to their grandparents.

Which is exactly what Matt Kemp did. The results, as you can see, are somewhat spectacular. When the tattoo artist (on his website) praises Kemp’s “strong session” he pays tribute to Kemp’s very high pain tolerance, as a heavily-shaded piece like this would hurt probably hurt. A lot.

Puts the whole “ran into a wall and exploded his shoulder but kept playing” thing in perspective a little.

Via Vin Scully is My Homeboy by way of Kemp’s twitter and HBT.

Comments (10)

  1. Imagine a chick seeing that in bed, awkward central.

  2. As someone who is heavily tattooed, i really don’t like the placement. I would of gone thigh or back of the shoulder. Chest is somewhat awkward.

  3. Poor Rihanna…

  4. when his hair grows back in, Grandma is gonna have some facial hair…nice tattoo though.

  5. In what universe is this not deemed completely grotesque?

  6. I wonder if he will diligently shave his chest hair so his grandma doesn’t get whiskers

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