The Milwaukee Brewers extended fans the opportunity to design the ball club’s new alternate uniform which will be used in a spring training game in March. They even gave the contest a clever(?) title with “YOUniform”. See what they did there? After receiving “hundreds” of designs, the Brewers have narrowed the field down to three. The uniform pictured above was submitted by Ron from Catonsville, MD and features the Brewers’ old ball glove logo. Check out the other two finalists after the jump.

Via Ben from Richfield, MN:

Via Nicholas from Madison, WI

If I’m casting a vote it’s for Ron’s entry with the classic ball glove logo. In fact, I’d argue that this uniform is a better look than the Brewers’ current look. Gimme those proper stirrup socks all day, too.

Vote for your choice, if you’re so inclined, at the Brewers official site. They also have a link to a gallery of all the entries.

Via Big League Stew

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  1. Top one is the best by millllllleeeeesssssss. I’d rock that.

    • Ya for sure. Second one is kinda cool too with its old timey charm. Third one is pretty gross though. Having the State on the hat is a decent thought, but kinda looks like a big yellow blob. I think Texas is the only State that can get away with using itself as a logo because it’s so distinctive.

  2. Third one should be used in the game when they play a college team

  3. Urgh – Canadian’s can’t vote.

    Which would make sense if the league only had teams in one country.

  4. I’d take the third hat on the first uniform

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