There are some things that are better left in the past. Sometimes, cutesy poo relics from a bygone era need to stay there. Not everything must be reclaimed and re-appreciated. Some things are just ugly – no amount of squinting or “look at me!” contrarian takes can save them.

The Chicago White Sox hear your plaintive pleas to not go there and ignore them. Remember those crazy/hideous uniforms with SOX written across the chest from the 80s? They’re coming back, baby.

The team announced today that they will pay tribute to the 1983 club which claimed the AL West crown 30 years ago by pulling on the fabled unis for Sunday home games in 2013.

The photo above isn’t particularly clear, you will note. I attribute the dearth of available Getty Images photos due to an industry-wide burn notice to ensure these abominations are stricken from the record. Our friend Chris Creamer at has the nitty gritty details, if you are so inclined.

It is days like this I wish Ozzie Guillen was still the man in Chicago, because he would look AMAZING in those garish numbers. I’m excited to see Adam Dunn stretch that shirt across his enormous frame. His SOX jersey will be visible from space.