The Chicago Cubs have called Wrigley Field home since 1916, and according to a report, may be getting a much needed makeover in the very near future.

The proposed renovations to the stadium, concessions and locker room for the Cubs would cost an estimated $300 million if approved.

Here a few photos of some of the proposed changes that would take up to five years to complete.

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  1. I’m sorry, the second picture is just waaaay too unrealistic to be believable

  2. Why mess with perfection? Beautiful ballpark

    • Because perfection doesn’t smell like piss and stale asshole, nor does it accommodate the average height of a twenty first century ball player.

      Losing aside, being one of three teams without modern day amenities is bad for player and fan alike.

  3. I like how they have Maddux’s number up there with the other HOFs Sandberg and Santo. Nice touch. Though I do wonder if they alter the photo if he goes in as a Barve.

  4. Fenway, Wrigley and now Dodger stadium were not built to be shrines but functioning ballparks. If they need to be upgraded then do it. It’s not like they are in there original configurations anyways. If you can do it while keeping the feel of the old park I do not see a reason not to.

    • The upgrades to Fenway were tasteful and functional, and didn’t detract from the experience. Still feels like Fenway. Still feels like history. Wrigley Field sorely needs some update to its guts, because it is really terrible in terms of amenities. You don’t find the place so nice anymore if you need to go to the washroom, for instance…

  5. The intesity slider on their Lens Flare filter in Photoshop Elements looks a bit high on that “CUBS WIN!” mockup.

    Also inaccurate: The Cubs won this imaginary game.

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