Trevor Bauer is here to help. Well, he was here to help like two months ago, when he posted this video. Skate shoes and board shorts, the stuff pitching mechanics pr0ns are made of.

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  1. Problem with Bauer long toss program
    I’m not sure if anyone else has heard this before, but i read an article that was incredibly critical of Bauer’s program and essentially stated that long tossing and the program he is on, is fine for arm strength but detrimental for pitching. The entire gist of the article was that when long tossing the release point of the ball is at a higher point then the release point when releasing a pitch. When continually long tossing, this high release point becomes a part of a pitchers unconscious memory and results in when they pitch, in the ball being elevated in the strike zone. It further theorized that a higher release point also resulted in a loss of control. It pointed to pitchers like Bauer showing that while the long toss programs seemed to improve their arm strength allowing them to throw a ball 300 feet, it resulted in a lot of balls up in the strike zone causing Bauer to be lit up by major league hitting.
    Has anybody else heard of this criticism of Bauer’s pitching technique and long toss programs? I can’t find the article nor the youtube video that i had watched that made a case against Bauer and his program primarily focusing on the release point during the long toss and how this is detrimental to actual pitching technique.

    • Bauer purposely pitches up in the zone.

    • Long toss is a warm up and arm strengthening tool. The release point thing could be brought up about every single pitcher on the planet that doesn’t throw from a mound at all times.

      • You could be correct but these long toss guys like Bauer spend hours long tossing and make hundreds of throws in that arm slot so really it can’t be brought up for every pitcher on the planet so save your sarcasm for when you make points that aren’t stupid. Warm up tossing is not the same as devoting hours a week to long tossing.*eye roll* *heavy sigh* im not saying the knock on Bauer is right or wrong but your point is fucking stupid and offers no support or help on this topic either way.

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