After all the hoopla (with a lowercase “hoop”) surrounding Andrew McCutchen winning the right to grace the cover of MLB 13 – The Show, the good people at Sony made it known that Jose Bautista will be their cover athlete in Canada for the second consecutive year.

Because everything and everyone needs a social campaign, Canadian fans get to vote on the design of the cover starting tomorrow. Be still my beating heart!

Comments (4)

  1. Not that I do not love Bautista but why not switch it up from last year and instead put one of Reyes, Lowrie, or Dickey on it? Heck, you could even put Joey Votto or Justin Morneau on it!

  2. Jays have the reigning Cy Young winner on their team. I thought Dickey being on the cover would be a no brainer. Ah well, I would have been fine with about 8 of the current Jays being on the cover.

  3. I wish we had a choice to vote who wanted on the cover, like the americans did. I probably would still vote Jose but it would be nice for Votto, edwin, lawrie, maaaaybe Morneau to get a chance at it.

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