Did I miss something? Did they add not one but TWO designated hitter spots to the National League. How did this happen? I write about baseball for my job, you’d think a news flash like this would catch my eye.

But for real, Delmon Young, what? There are no bad one-year deals but there are bad players who don’t have the best reputation in the clubhouse who make a lot of outs, so maybe that tips things away from that old canard?

No matter, the veteran Phillies added two players with zero defensive value for the 2013 season, both of whom failed to post 90 wRC+ in 2012. Big things in Philly, you guys. The Darin Ruf dream must wait to live another day.

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  1. Rather have young than derosa for one

    • Totally agree. Young has at least shown that he can be incredibly productive offensively. For the same amount of money as DeRosa, Young would have been a solid 5th outfielder and right-handed bat off the bench for the Jays.

  2. Revere better cover a lot of ground in Philly.

    I can’t wait to see Halladay’s expression the first easy fly ball to left field that Young doesn’t get to

  3. Would much rather have Delmon Young to platoon with Adam Lind than have the intangibles of De Rosa at the same cost to be our 25th man. I’ll reserve judgment until the first time I see them bat in 2013, but not really. I give 0 fucks about intangibles out of my 25th man.

    • I give 0 fucks about intangibles out of my 25th man.

      That’s sort of the point of this post. You don’t, but talent evaluators and baseball operations people across the game do. If that doesn’t give you reason to reconsider, that’s your choice.

      • Agreed, but at a certain level improved production should always outweigh improved intangibles. Delmon Young at under 1 million is basically the perfect platoon DH for a team with a DH who absolutely cannot hit lefties. I honestly can’t believe Young made such a small amount and the Blue Jays didn’t sign him. I was expecting him to get wayyy overpaid and make something like 10 million.

        What really doesn’t make any sense is why he signed in the NL.

        • “Agreed but a certain level of improved production should always outweigh intangibles” – How can you possibly know this when there is no accurate way to judge the value of intangibles? I understand that bringing up leadership and intangibles in debates is silly, but it does not mean that they don’t exsist. AA and GMs across the league obviously value intangibles in some fashion and yes Young is a better hitter, but this signing goes to show that maybe some orgs value intangibles more than others. And Delmon Young sucks anyways, so yeah.

          • Not against lefties he doesn’t. And I very much meant what I said; once the added value of production gets high enough it will always outweigh the value added of a good citizen.

            Delmon Young would presumably play between 50 and 80 games for the Blue Jays, and based on his history probably play fairly well if used right (vs LHP). We can assume that is preferable based on the same reasoning Drew uses: MLB GMs sign baseball players, not preachers, to play baseball. No matter how ‘good a guy’ someone is, 9 out of 10 GMs will pass him over in favor of a productive player. That’s why Milton Bradley kept finding work for years. Passing on Delmon Young, unless he said he didn’t want to platoon, was a mistake pure and simple.

            • I’m interested in where you get your “9 out of 10 GMs” statistic, because there are many examples of asshole players not getting work or taking a significant pay cut relative to others at their talent level. But if those only represent 10% of all these deals you speak of, that must be a lot!

        • As mentioned in a later comment, could be that Philly was offering similar money, and a full time job. Over 1 year, makes sense for Young to try and re-establish value that way rather than in a part-time role.

          DeRosa’s also a much better defender than Young, though that’s not saying much. Defense has more value in a bench spot.

          It should also be noted that Delmon Young is terrible.

          • It should also be noted that not all players are suited to part time work. Sometimes the players REALLY DON’T WANT TO DO IT and demanding they do so it more trouble than the marginal upgrade in production is worth.

  4. When the same money is being offered, you take the full time role.

  5. I actually laughed out loud when I read about this signing on mlbtr. It seems like the Phillies and Yankees are in a competition (only with each other) to see who can build a team with the most well known has-beens.

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