This whole time, you and I and Magic Johnson were all acting as though the Dodgers new TV deal, the one which affixed a Moet-and-platinum spewing geyser to the outside of Chavez Ravine, was a done deal. Except it was not a done deal – until now. Probably.

Bloomberg Sports Business writer Scott Soshnick reports Time Warner and the Dodgers have a deal in place to create a new regional sports network based around Vin Scully, Matt Kemp and some damn fine hot dogs. Details are sketchy but let’s just assume the “0″ key on somebody’s keyboard is about to wear out.

Following in the footsteps of the Red Sox (with NESN) and the Yankees (with YES) seems like a safer bet than the regional sports network du jour, as some feel that bubble is prime for a-burstin’. Will it change any of the details covered here, by Wendy Thurm?

Not for the intents and purposes of most baseball fans. The Dodgers are still rich, the deal with Zack Greinke still counts, they still have to pay Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford all that money, and they still aren’t a better team than the Giants. For love or money indeed.