A confession: I haven’t followed this Soccer Out of Context series by designed M. Willis, wherein he/she creates soccer jerseys for every team in baseball, as closely as I should. The reason: the images are blocked here at palatial Score Towers and the powers that be are slow to move on getting the image host unblocked.

Via the magic of magic, I acquired one image to tease and tempt you into clicking and spending some real time on the site. M goes into exacting detail, providing some incredible little flourishes for each kit, really giving them an air of authenticity. So please click through and check them all out.

Today is the NL West’s turn, where the above Rockies mock-up originates. They’re all worth your time, as is the insightful breakdown of each shirt.

Comments (14)

  1. The As jersies are fantastic.

  2. you’re not missing much–for a designer, the font on that site is pretty brutal. I kind of usually prefer to read the lower-case “f”s in words? not the case here.

  3. What’s with the racist title?

  4. Yeah, not all white people look like cats.

  5. Cats are for amateur pet owners.

  6. I’m slightly disappointed with the Blue Jays one, especially since some (like the aforementioned As, and the Baltimore Orioles) are really special.

    I know they’ve moved away from the colour now, but the Baby Blue seems like the best way to go. Also, the jerseys look a lot like the Canadian Olympic team cycling jerseys, which is fitting I suppose.

  7. cuz white people are the only ones who like soccer?

  8. or maybe you mean baseball.

    either way, you’re fucking retarded.

  9. That title is kind of ironic, considering Drew took the hard-line PC stance when the Braves’ practice caps came out. Replace “white” with literally any other race and it would be obviously offensive.

  10. Didn’t these get a hit in a DJF post like a month ago?

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