This can’t even be real. Or maybe it is! Either way, someone vaguely Popeish takes some cuts in the cage, once again demonstrating the long held tradition of devout Polish kids playing stickball in the streets of Krakow.

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  1. really hitting off of his front foot there.

  2. Big time Angels fan, obviously.

  3. I think this poses the question: Where would you bat the Pope in the line up?

  4. PEDs have nothing on Christ-Power

  5. his holyness taking some hacks, love it!

  6. My grandfather knew the pope when they were both young kids in Poland. My grandfather was a little bit older and all the neighbourhood kids were going somewhere to see some girls, but the future pope wouldn’t go, he wasn’t interested in chasing girls with the rest of the kids.

  7. This video alone is enough to get me through the offseason blues. Those shoes….the energy drink….the batting glove/robe combo?!?! This may, in fact, top the Jose Bautista doppelgänger video.

  8. So he was the man in white! Ahha!

  9. pretty sure he went oppo-taco a couple times there. just couldn’t catch up to the fastball

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