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It appears as though the Justin Upton saga is coming to a close. Further to Rosenthal’s information, Jon Heyman tweets that the players in the deal have been agreed to and we’re waiting on physicals to make this official. ZOMG the National League East. Check back on the reg for what promises to be a day full of Justin Upton news.

Update: Mark Bowman of tweets the deal in its entirety, which will see Martin Prado departing Atlanta for Arizona

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  1. My sources (voices in my head) say: It’s fuckin’ dumb to trade Upton!

  2. Jeez, that looks like a light return for Upton.

  3. How is it dumb to trade him? Dbacks are log jammed in the outfield, and clearly don’t want to put up with his inconsistency.

    • Beause even the “low” end of his inconsistency is better than most other outfielders in the league. And the high end is MVP caliber.
      and because he’s only 25 years old and not even done getting better yet.
      and because everything else the DBacks have done recently has been to build a contending team “now” and yet they jsut dealt their best player entering into his prime for a bunch of prospects (albeit good ones)

      • Seriously. This would be like the Jays dealing Brett Lawrie.

        • How did the Jays get Brett Lawrie again?

          • He was still a prospect then so it’s not exactly the same scenario.
            But even if it was it doesn’t disprove my point in any way.

          • Brett hasn’t even played a full season yet, so this is why I gave my question. Brett is a great young play, and may end up being a great player for some time to come. Upton has had 4 years of good ball, proven himself, so no, i respectfully disagree that it would be like dealing away Brett.

            If the jays had both, and you had to give one up, would it be Lawrie or Upton?

    • The created the log jam by signing guys like Kubel and Ross, who COMBINE to make a player as good as Upton.

      • Wow, just looked into what the Dbacks are paying Ross this year. They are idiots. I know Dbacks management doesn’t like Upton and I know he wants to get out of there, but paying 9 million to Cody Ross is questionable. So is the 8 million to Kubel. The only outfielders who have any value are Adam Eaton (unproven), and Gerardo Parra. To me it’s seems as though they signed Upton to a extension to early and he’s been sort of going through the motions after he signed it. For the type of money Justin Upton will presumably make in the future, I do think he’s been rather inconsistent (minus 2009, and 2011 where he was getting on base at a more frequent pace, and putting up the numbers to show for it). Regardless, people think that the Braves will have a fantastic outfield next year but these three players combined for a staggering 442 strikeouts last year, yikes.

  4. Of course mere months after I finally gave up on the Barves and decided to find myself a new NL team to cheer for they go and acquire my favourite baseball brothers.

  5. The Mariners’ package of players was better than this. Delgado better be a stud – otherwise this is a bad deal for Arizona

  6. Now the braves have both shitbat brothers

  7. it gunna suck when the upton bros get the last 2 outs of a tie breaker to go to playoffs

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