Praise be unto Brave Buster Olney of ESPN, for he hath salvaged the divine news cycle. Buster applying defibrillators to the Justin Upton Neverending Trade Discussion re-igniting the nearly dormant hot stove, bringing forth the speculation which sustains us at this most trying time of year.

Jon The Hero Heyman did his part yesterday as well, hinting that perhaps the New York Mets could seek out the services of Michael Bourn. The current state of the Mets outfield depth chart could charitably classified as “grim”, so an upgrade is always a possibility.

Logical as it might be, there is not a lot to suggest the Mets will move on Bourn. Finance First in Flushing appears to be the current motto. Unless Scott Boras and friends are willing to get mighty creative with the terms of the deal, Bourn to New York doesn’t make a lot sense.

But, then again, neither does trading Justin Upton. Trading Justin Upton makes very little sense, yet here we are.

Arizona Republic columnist Scott Bordow points to the inherent contradiction in the Diamondbacks willingness/determination to make a Justin Upton deal: are they trying to win now or rebuild for the future? Possibly an overly simplistic view of the Snakes situation, but trading away their best player zigs where their other personnel moves of late zag.

GM Kevin Towers dealt away blue chip prospect Trevor Bauer, receiving the athletic shortstop for which he longed in exchange, replacing Bauer in the rotation with veteran free agent Brandon McCarthy. The team gave three years to veteran outfielder Cody Ross, a league-average player whose best years could well be behind him.

The Snakes added Eric Chavez and Eric Hinske on cheap, one-year deals. Good role players for sure, integral pieces on very good teams over the last few seasons. Towers extended the contract of 36-year-old closer J.J. Putz and extended the contract of veteran middle infielder Cliff Pennington. This doesn’t strike me as a team retooling for a run at the 2015 division title.

How can Towers mull a deal in which Randall Delgado or Julio Teheran are the best players coming back, the players closest to the Major Leagues? Bolster their pitching depth now with an eye for the future, sure. But is Arizona better Cody Ross and Adam Eaton in their outfield while Delgado/Teheran provide Tyler Skaggs insurance, slotting behind Pat Corbin on the depth chart?

There is an obvious off-field element to this trade, one Towers downplays but looms over the Upton proceedings. Hard to imagine a situation with an All Star player became so untenable so quickly as to necessitate a move in the midst of the team’s contention window. Perhaps the Diamondbacks know something nobody else does – they drafted the player had watch him up close every day. Still, when this deal eventually goes down, it will a tough one to take for Diamondbacks fans.

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