Having earned upwards of $136 million as a Major League Baseball player, it goes without saying that John Smoltz can afford nice things. Perhaps in an effort to drive up market interest, the former National League Cy Young Award winner opened up his 18,625-square foot home to HGTV’s camera crews for an episode of “Million Dollar Rooms”.

A baseball diamond, a 9-hold golf course, basketball and tennis courts, a John Smoltz mausoleum, and a 10-bedroom home to go along with it all… not a bad lair you’ve built for yourself there Mr. Smoltz.

My favourite thing in John Smoltz’s house is the poster of the Atlanta Braves pitching staff that includes Steve Avery and Pete Smith along with Smoltz, Tom Glavine and that Greg Maddux fella.

Via Big League Stew

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  1. He’s asking $7 million + for a house that has a valuation of just above $4 million according to his last property assessment and he bought for $3 million

    • valuation according to property assessment has very very little to do with what a house will actually sell for.

  2. He skimped on the ball diamond.

  3. Those millions spent on landscaping that he’s trying to recoup contribute exactly nothing to his property value.

  4. It sounds insane, I know, but looking at how huge it is and all the bells and whistles, it is kind of crazy to me that the house costs *only* 3-4 million dollars.

  5. The valuation says its *only* 11, 000 square feet, so its possible he poured millions in an extension just to sell? Rich people man.

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