…and here we go. The spin begins, with the opening salvo coming from Washington Nationals starter Gio Gonzalez. Gio, and his father, are mentioned in the Miami New Town report on Biogenesis distributing drugs to baseball players big and small. Though it appeared none of the products given to Gio are actually banned, the third place finisher in NL Cy Young voter is getting his version of the story out post haste.

Gio took to his personal twitter account in addition to issuing a statement to the Washington Times, declaring his total innocence:

I’ve never used performance-enhancing drugs of any kind, and I never will. I’ve never met or spoken with Tony Bosch or used any substances provided by him. Anything said to the contrary is a lie.

What else would we expect Gio to do in this situation?

There is more to come from this story, as the paper is expected to release more names and details, such as every instance of Alex Rodriguez’s name in the records they recovered. This is the first of many incredulous statements of innocence today, so be prepared. The sanctimony/misanthropy wrecking ball is on the move – try not to get squished.