It might be easy to forget that many years ago, a professional baseball team played out of Montreal. They were called the Expos, and for a brief time they were the really good. They had talent all around the diamond but Pedro Martinez was their leader. Not the “leader” in the rah-rah sense. Maybe he was, I don’t really know.

Pedro Martinez was the leader in the “he’s better than the other players” sense. Pedro Martinez was literally the best. Unlike his contemporary and pretender to the throne Greg Maddux, Pedro didn’t hide in the NL for his entire career.

Pedro didn’t hide from a cot damn thing, including breaking protocol by straight beaning Reggie Sanders in the middle of a no-hitter. Pedro finished the day with eight strikeouts in eight innings, allowing a single base hit and no walks. He apparently had a beef with Reggie Sanders and threw at him three times before Sanders charged the mound, starting the donnybrook you see above.

Not that hitting batters and fighting is cool or appropriate for grown men or anything, but Pedro Martinez remains all that is awesome. Just in case you forgot, I thought I’d re-introduce this concept for your edification. So please, edify away.

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  1. Pedro was the greatest of all-time. God I miss watching that guy play – back in the late 90s when i was still a Red Sox fan i would root for that shitass lineup to go 1-2-3 so Petey could get back on the hill and deal. Best ever.

  2. Pedro the fucking best.

  3. I remember watching that game. I still get a semi watching him pitch.

  4. All sports could benefit from some more of this

  5. The HBP broke up a perfect game. The no-no was lost in the next inning. Pedro always had great attitude and even greater hair.

    • Ahhh, great pitcher, bad hair! It’s a jeri curl for gods sake. Any place he leaned his head, even for a nano second, was forever, indelibly marked with his head juice. There is no silver lining in that dark cloud my friend! None at all!

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