Remember when Brett Lawrie did…that? It was pretty awesome. Scary, but awesome.

Remember baseball cards? It might come as a shock to you that base cards are still a thing. People — grown ass men and women, even — still collect baseball cards for fun and profit. Which is cool, in the “not at all cool but ultimately harmless” sense of the word.

Because people still collect them, baseball card companies still make baseball cards. They make reams and reams of cards, with weird variants and limited editions and all manner of ephemera designed to separate human beings from their money.

They also appear interested in separating Brett Lawrie’s head from his shoulders. The new Topps “short prints” Out of Bounds series features images not often found on baseball cards – images of baseball players going “out of bounds” to make plays on defense.

This card celebrates the crazy/suicidal catch from this past April, seen above. Not the catch attempt in New York that nearly killed him, the OTHER jumping into oblivion catch in which Lawrie risked life and limb to make a great play.

This behaviour must not be encouraged, people of Topps. Brett Lawrie is a national treasure, a man who must remain on the sane side of the ledger so he might stay on the field and do what, well, everybody thinks he can do. No more craziness, dammit!