It is quite easy to overlook how good Brandon Webb was during his brief career. Maybe not “overlook” as much as “forget.”Webb hasn’t pitched in the Majors since 2009, when he made a single start for for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Before he blew out his shoulder and left the baseball landscape forever, Brandon Webb was one of the best pitchers in baseball from the moment he came to the big leagues.

The 2006 Cy Young winner officially gave up his comeback, ending his brief but brilliant career at 33.

Brandon Webb was a beast for the Diamondbacks from 2003 through 2008, amassing more than 1300 innings pitched and posting more than 30 WAR. A ground ball machine, Webb wore out National League hitters for six straight years, throwing more than 220 innings for four straight years, never posting an ERA above 3.60 for his career. Webb for notorious for dominating right-handed hitters, limiting them to a .250 wOBA for his career.

Brandon Webb serves as a interesting case when it comes to arbitration/free agency. Webb sold off most of his arb years early, inking a three-year extension ahead of his second full season, then signing a four-year deal two years later. Despite never really reaching free agency, Webb still netted $30MM over his career. Get that money while you can, young ones. It can all disappear in a minute.