All the prospect porn you can handle, all in one hot place! Firstly, Keith Law of ESPN introduces his top 100 prospects. No real surprises, as Jurickson Profar leads the way as expected. Turns out tall, athletic shortstops with power and valuable comoodities! Doubly so if they can, you know, make the Majors at 20.

Everybody’s favorite Vlad Guerrero comp Oscar Taveras is next with Dylan Bundy, Wil Myers, and Xander Bogaerts rounding out the top five.

There is a lot to chew on in Law’s list, as he provides capsules for all 100 players. Some names surprise in their ascent up the rankings, such as Bogaerts who raced up from 62 last year and Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich who ranked in the 40s during Law’s 2012 breakdown. Shelby Miller takes a tumble from the top 5 but the mechanical changes solidified his numbers in the second half, making Law bullish on his future with the Cards.

Meanwhile, unveiled their top 20 prospects by team, starting with the East divisions of each league. Some fans might bemoan the lack of high-ceiling prospects in their farm system, worrying over a pipeline bereft of drool-worthy young players. To those folks, I present a thought:

You and your entire family are gathered in the home of your maternal grandmother for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. The house fills with familiar smells as another great feast is in the offing. The call goes out, rousing the cousins and in-laws from all corners of the home: dinner is ready.

Your extended family tree wanders into the dining room, ready to dig in. Toddlers are herded and strapped into their form plastic seats, wine glasses tink and the buzz grows as the glorious, perfectly prepared bird emerges from the oven and is brought to the table. It is almost time for the carving.

Unprompted, the Blue Jays fan in the family pushes his/her chair back from the table, stands up and strides into the kitchen. The whole family watches, craning their necks over the mountains of mashed potatoes, roasted squash, mushy peas, cranberry and enough stuffing to choke a horse.

The Jays fan walks to the fridge, opens the door wide and stares in, furtively looking for something. “THERE’S NOTHING IN HERE BUT LEFTOVER INDIAN FOOD! WHAT KIND OF HOUSE IS THIS IS?”

Enjoy your meal, Jays fans. When the food is on the table, eat before it gets cold.