Given that 2K Sports quietly snuck up on the gaming community and announced that their baseball title was, contrary to popular belief, not dead, it’s not much of a surprise that marketing for the game has been non-existent to this point. MLB 2K13 is scheduled for a March 5th release, although I’m not believing this thing is really happening until I have it in my hands. 2K launched a campaign of sorts to spread the word on the upcoming roster update baseball sim. Cover boy David Price, C.J. Wilson, and Giancarlo Stanton rundown a list of “rejected taglines” for MLB 2K13:

So that’s a whole lotta nothing. Kudos to C.J. Wilson for delivering that subtle shot at the Dodgers. Personally, I’d have pitched “MLB 2K13: not a roster update and a fresh coat of polish. Just a roster udpate”.