Welp. Blue Jays fans on the radio are in for a…treat this year, the powers that be at One Mount Pleasant decided to replace the newest Astros announcer Alan Ashby with former Blue Jays pitcher and human dividing line Jack Morris as their new radio analyst, partnering with the Kim Il Sung of the radio broadcast world, Jerry Howarth in the Blue Jays radio booth.

Jays fans should take a step back and give Morris the benefit of the doubt as a broadcaster. There are no guarantees he isn’t anything but wise analyst brining his years of experience in the game to the patios and cottages of Canadian summer. I’m sure his trenchant analaysizzzzzzzzzz

Nope. There is a good chance Morris will bring little more than well-worn axioms and generic bombs of grizzled quasi-truth. For my money, it isn’t a matter of spouting WAR and advanced stats, just try to be entertaining in a slightly progressive fashion.

Again, Jays fans, try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Try to try, you owe it to yourself.

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  1. It’s an announcer who won’t have an impact on the team this year

  2. First 5 minutes on PTS and Morris basically calls RA Dickey a 1 trick pony and unreliable.”When he’s on, he’s on but when he’s off, look out”. Then he talked about how important team chemistry is and how last year, the best team in mlb with team chemistry was the Giants because he followed them around for 3 weeks and because he, you know, knew what the chemistry was like for the other 29 clubs in mlb. He also talked about how at spring training he’d pass his wisdom on to the Blue Jays pitchers and hope they take it because old Jack is just a fountain of knowledge. Wow.
    I just want to know how both Morris and Bob McCown were able to fit in the studio at the same time with both having such giant, swelled heads.

  3. But the question is, did ya ever see him analyze?

  4. I hate these types of things, and it’s the standard in all sports, but hire a god damned journalism student or whatever degree qualifies you to do radio. these guys who made money hitting and throwing objects don’t need a second career as a broadcaster when there are guys who can do their jobs way better who are actually qualified to do it. just look at tnt’s nba nonsense, cuz I want to hear shaq talk about anything…

  5. Will he announce to the score?

    • Damn it, maybe I should read witty quips embedded in the article and not assume I am the only / quickest one to come up with said witty quip.

      • Nooooooooo!
        Radio was my preferred medium for enjoying the game for almost 23 years! Buck and co make tv a less attractive option. I feel so alone.

        Can’t even reach for some jack to drown my sorrows without feeling like throwing up In my mouth. Maybe it won’t be that bad…. maybe….

  6. i sure hope jerry howarth will still be there!

  7. Well, looks like I’ll be getting a cable subscription this year.

  8. So if Romero goes 20-9 with a 4.75 ERA, will we hear Morris all of September saying he should win the Cy Young award since he pitched to the score?

  9. I’ve never heard Morris as a commentator so I’m going to give him the benifit of the doubt. As long as he’s entertaining and can tell the odd interesting story I’ll be happy. As far as the other stuff goes I can put up with the odd ridiculous old timey baseball type statement. It can’t be any worse than Buck Martinez.

  10. Dear Jerry Howarth,

    I like you a lot. You are a great announcer. When I hear your voice, I think of baseball. Just like it was with Tom Cheek years ago when I was but a wee child. I thought that you and Ashby made a dynamic duo. You played off each other, had great discussions about baseball and always offered intelligently insightful analysis. And, bless your heart, you kept the homerism to a minimum.

    Unfortunately Jerry, you are being teamed with Jack Morris and our time looks to be coming to an end. It pains me to say, but it looks like Buck and Tabler will be my poison of choice this year. Hell, in some cities I may listen to the opponent broadcast.

    Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes… it hurts instead.

    Fondest Farewell,

  11. This is almost as bas as that time when Rogers hired Jack Morris as a radio analyst.

  12. the joy of having xm, only having to listen to Jerry and jack 81 games a year.

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