Welp. Blue Jays fans on the radio are in for a…treat this year, the powers that be at One Mount Pleasant decided to replace the newest Astros announcer Alan Ashby with former Blue Jays pitcher and human dividing line Jack Morris as their new radio analyst, partnering with the Kim Il Sung of the radio broadcast world, Jerry Howarth in the Blue Jays radio booth.

Jays fans should take a step back and give Morris the benefit of the doubt as a broadcaster. There are no guarantees he isn’t anything but wise analyst brining his years of experience in the game to the patios and cottages of Canadian summer. I’m sure his trenchant analaysizzzzzzzzzz

Nope. There is a good chance Morris will bring little more than well-worn axioms and generic bombs of grizzled quasi-truth. For my money, it isn’t a matter of spouting WAR and advanced stats, just try to be entertaining in a slightly progressive fashion.

Again, Jays fans, try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Try to try, you owe it to yourself.