Indeed! A reality show about knuckleballers; WOULD BE knuckleballers, that should say. Doug Flutie and other former football players who aren’t Doug Flutie — making them lesser humans than Doug Flutie — attempt to master the elusive knuckler for fun and profit on the airwaves of the MLB Network.

The winner earns a Spring Training camp invite from the Arizona Diamondbacks, who obviously love the make up and grit of washed up/retired football players in their 40s desperate for one last stab at glory.

Maybe this will be harmless fun. Maybe it will bring about the end of days, as brother turns against brother in an all-out war for control of our world’s water supply before an army of self aware AI robots enslave all remaining humans, marching every able-bodied man woman and child to certain doom in irradiated mine shafts miles beneath the Earth’s surface, where they search for a rare iron ore to satiate the machines wild lust for power. Maybe something in the middle.

Knowing Millar is involved, I’m leaning toward the latter. Fool me once…