Every man, at some point in his life, should grow his hair long. No questions asked. It’s a rite of passage. Tim Lincecum grew his hair long, real long. Tim Lincecum is putting his long hair phase behind him for the time being and opting for a more streamlined look.

Farewell, Timmy’s long hair.

Image via Ann Killion

Comments (15)

  1. His hair looks good. Why he’s okay with a spider living on his chin is beyond me.

  2. Whoa. Put some thicker glasses on him and he’d look like Skrillex.

  3. Youk looks different with his beard cut off.

  4. Tim Lincecum or JE Skeets?

  5. Since when was it a man’s rite of passage to grow long hair? Growing long hair for me would result in an afro and that’s not something I want.

  6. What will Bus think?

  7. i thought he looked like shit with long hair, just saying…

  8. Looks like he’s being hangin with Nashty.

  9. “Why’d you cut your hair, Timmy?”
    “I was high when it happened”

  10. pretty much looks like actor Joseph Gordon Levitt. See photos side by side here: http://wp.me/p2PhR-2IO

  11. Didn’t Timmy learn anything from Samson? His fastball is already slipping.

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