Aww, look how cute! Giants reliever Sergio Romo making the day of fans you and old at their recent FanFest, posing for pictures like a good citizen.

Except that isn’t Sergio Romo at all, that is a somebody who looks enough like Romo to dupe dozens of people. The actual Romo re-posted this fan collage on his instragram feed featuring a Sergio lookalike taking pictures with numerous people, all of whom were led to believe they just met the diminutive Giants closer.

Which, it turns out, it was not.

Im very sorry for all my REAL fans that were misled by this impostor saying he was me at fanfest!! My apologies for not being able to meet all u at fanfest! It was def an awesome day and im beyond grateful for the reception i got yesterday!! Just dont want any of my fans misled by someone who gets a kick out of lying to u all!

Romo then posted the below update on his instagram yesterday, fighting back against what appears to be a consistent imposter.

@daocsar @marisi489 commented to you guys yesterday! please dont take any more pics as if u were me!! Ppl have hit me up saying that you were not nice to everyone! Some have also said that i made their day posting pics with you not me! So apparently you didnt tell everyone that you werent me! This is not the first time either that this has happened so its easy to assume you both like or enjoy the attention! You were doing it during last season as well! Thank you for being fans but i do not find this or your actions flattering at all! Esp at fanfest! As for anyone thinking that fame or money has gone to my head, all i have done is apologize to those that were misled AT fanfest! Money has nothing to do with me trying to protect MY name!! So please stop pretending, telling ppl you are me or not, to be me! No need for you to pose at all! Sorry for the backlash youve received but this IS the price we as PUBLIC figures have to pay! Nothing is no longer private even tho im as human as the next! Obviously you now know that nothing can prepare anyone for this kind of jump in attention!! “#everyonewassold” as you put it! Again no bad intended was just alerting MY fans, young and old, that you are not me!

It’s easy to chalk this up to “the price of fame” and then move on but nobody, no matter how lucrative their contract, should contend with this. Innocent as posing for a few photos might be, it is only a matter of time before NotRomo pops up and starts to erode more than just Romo’s good will with the public.

Turns out a distinctive and face-shielding beard has a downside. Who knew?