Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Cleveland Indians

Have you ever wanted to be like Pete Rose? Well know you can! With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can place wagers with websites of ill repute for fun and profit!

Betting a single baseball game remains a foo’s errand, as the grand old game has its way of humbling those who think they can better the bounces, rolls, and umpires grinding axes. But the long con, the total season win totals, that is totally fair game.

Your friend and mine Jonah Keri slide the latest Vegas win total out via his twitter feed and the results are excellent food for thought. Via View from Vegas:

American League   National League
Angels 89½ ov -120 / un -110   D’Backs 81½ ov -120 / un -110
Yankees 86½ ov -115 / un -115   Reds 88½ ov -115 / un -115
Blue Jays 86½ ov -115 / un -115   Cardinals 85½ ov -115 / un -115
White Sox 80½ ov -115 / un -115   Phillies 81½ ov -115 / un -115
Red Sox 79½ ov -120 / un -110   Brewers 79½ ov -115 / un -115
Indians 77½ ov -120 / un -110   Padres 74½ ov -115 / un -115
Orioles 76½ ov -115 / un -115   Rockies 71½ ov -115 / un -115
Mariners 76½ ov -115 / un -115   Marlins 64½ ov -110 / un -120
Twins 64½ ov -115 / un -115   Dodgers 90 ov -115 / un -115
Astros 59½ ov -120 / un -110   Nationals 90 ov -115 / un -115
Tigers 90 ov -115 / un -115   Braves 86 ov -115 / un -115
Rangers 87 ov -115 / un -115   Giants 86 ov -115 / un -115
Rays 86 ov -115 / un -115   Pirates 79 ov -115 / un -115
Athletics 83 ov -110 / un -120   Mets 74 ov -110 / un -120
Royals 79 ov -115 / un -115   Cubs 72 ov -115 / un -115

My very first reaction is Cubs over 72 all day and all night. The Angels are favored to win more games than anyone in the American League other than the Tigers? The Angels won 89 last year but I dunno. The Tigers are a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. The Astros? Oh boy, the Astros.

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  1. black power kill the white devils

  2. Angels relying way to much on their offense. Especially if Weaver or any of their hitters get injured or have down years. Not built for the grind of a 162 game season at all. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see them finish below 500 with that joke of a rotation

  3. 5 overs and 5 unders, in my opinion:

    Blue Jays
    Red Sox

    White Sox

  4. This seems like a fun waste of time:

    Angels 89½ Over (Just a hunch)
    D’Backs 81½ Under
    Yankees 86½ Under (But not by much)
    Reds 88½ Over
    Blue Jays 86½ Over (I hope)
    Cardinals 85½ Under
    White Sox 80½ Over (Barely)
    Phillies 81½ Under (I don’t see how this team is over .500 at all)
    Red Sox 79½ Under (Way Under)
    Brewers 79½ Under
    Indians 77½ Under (But I’m not remotely sure about that)
    Padres 74½ Under
    Orioles 76½ Over (I know the team was lucky last year, but 76 wins?)
    Rockies 71½ Over
    Mariners 76½ Under
    Marlins 64½ Over (Why not?)
    Twins 64½ Under (Why?)
    Dodgers 90 Under (Easiest one on here)
    Astros 59½ Over (Just from being looked past every series)
    Nationals 90 Over (Best team in the majors)
    Tigers 90 Over (Weak division, otherwise no)
    Braves 86 Over
    Rangers 87 Under (Kind of goes with my Angels hunch)
    Giants 86 Over
    Rays 86 Over
    Pirates 79 Over (This is the year. Surprise wild card.)
    Athletics 83 Under
    Mets 74 Under
    Royals 79 Under
    Cubs 72 Push (Because I need at least one)

    If you’re smart and you like betting, these are good picks to ignore completely.

  5. -over on padres seems like free money.
    -Over on Oakland, Toronto and NYY
    -Lol at the Astros only losing 102.

  6. Not much of a gambler, what do the -120, -115, -110′s mean?

  7. I’m still trying to get over the fact that you can actually bet on who the next pope will be.

  8. If you bet the Tigers and it they win 90 is that a refund or are you just silly betting teams with integer wins?

  9. Natties won 98 last year, got a big upgrade at catcher and in the outfield, downgraded nowhere , and went sideways at 4th/5th starter (was Edwin Jackson, now Dan Haren). I’d itch to take that over if baseball wasn’t so hard and winning 90 times so much harder.
    Although thanks to Loria we’ve been gifted sixteen divisional wins haha

  10. In the past 20 years out of the 31 teams that had their over under set 10 games higher than their previous year final total, 29 have been an under. Jays are 13.5 higher than their finish last year. Wait for the casual fans to bet up the total to 88.5 and bet the under.

    Best bets for me is the Rangers over, Astros over, Brewers over (they are still going to win close to 50 at home), Reds over, Dodgers under

  11. If I’m betting only one of these, I’ll take the under on the Dodgers.

    Not sure how you can bet the over on any team at 90 wins.

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