If you were to tell me that someone made a mashup of The Simpsons “Homer at the Bat” episode (and other clips) and audio from “Moneyball”, I’d probably dismiss it without so much as a look. Then, this morning someone did tell me that this exists and I actually took a minute to check it out. Man-alive, that score from “Moneyball” really pulls you in.

Via Brisbee Nation

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  1. How can you not be romantic about the Simpsons

  2. best movie about a fictional oakland baseball team, because they sure as hell weren’t talking about the a’s in that movie or did zito and tejada just not exist?

  3. That was awesome. I really liked the Monty Burns “what am I doing” with his head in the sink.

  4. This is fucking amazing! Also, the soundtrack to that movie is so good, This Will Destroy You for the win.

  5. Darrrrrrrrrryllllllllllll

  6. LOL where Homer’s gut follows through after he swings the bat. Too funny.

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