It’s all in good humor until you remember…oh right: Hunter Pence.

Blame Grant Brisbee for planting this seed.

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  1. I don’t get it… I’m all for some goodnatured fun at the bugalien’s expense (exPence?) but what’s wrong with his tweet? Didn’t you see the news about Russia today? Pence is a hilarious baseballing weirdo, but today he’s just being a good human.

    • He’s a bug alien, just like the bug alien’s who sent meteors toward Earth in the film Starship Troopers, from which a clip is provided.

      • Oh yes of course he is, I think he actually cameo’d in that movie as a young spacebug, I just wasn’t sure of you were aware that an actual exploding meteor had actually impacted and injured hundreds of people. Seemed a little harsh to mine comedy out of the situation, but I guess if anyone could it’s you and Pence. So, nevermnind!

  2. Drew, any excuse to play a clip from one of your all-time favourite movies

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