Colby Rasmus and Adam Lind versus an ignorant Tweet-wielding Gregg Zaun at Hemingways!? Saved by the man, Tony Rasmus, himself! If this game is fake then I don’t want to be real. This game is totally fake.

All the hat-tips to Weekend Punks for this beauty of a creation.

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  1. That just won all the awesomes. All the awesomes in the world.

  2. Beautiful. There’s just so much to love, here.

  3. Just…no words could do that justice. And I never even played these games.

  4. This is the greatest thing since the number of goals Arsenal will concede today.

  5. This is why the internet was made.

  6. This is the greatest.

  7. Wow and I thought the first lot of valentines were good. This just blows it out of the water.

  8. I want this to be real. Somebody smarter than me make this real!

  9. Amazing… The Confidence Shake and subsequent “Disappear for half the season” had me in stitches.

  10. ha fuckin awesome!

  11. Last name ever, first name greatest

  12. Gibby the Best.

  13. My favorite was Lind always choosing to hit lefty and going o’fer

  14. That was astonishingly outstanding.

  15. So awesome…but no Booster Juice from Jose for some extra HP?

  16. His the best. Except for dickey. And gibby. My favourite was the buck Pronounciation of encarnacion. Reminded me of my dreunken phone call to the djf podcast. Buck the worst.

  17. Summon BautistHamut!

  18. “Idunbeprudy’allt’bepertothis herteemallheerme?”

    Question of the month

  19. ghey…another 8-bit waste of time. bring back that parkes kid.

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