Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees

David Price sports more of a permanent stubble than a true beard. Still, the 27-year old reigning American League Cy Young winner is enough of a facial hair enthusiast that he’d spurn long-term commitment from a club like the New York Yankees in favor of whiskers.

In speaking with one Jon Paul Morosi of FOXSports.com, Price held a realistic view on his future (or lack thereof) in Tampa while proclaiming that the “old-school baseball” ways of the Yankees would not make for a good fit with him. Price, after being notified that his beard would have to go in New York:

“I wouldn’t stay there very long then. I wouldn’t sign a long-term deal there. Those rules, that’s old-school baseball. I was born in ’85. That’s not for me. That’s not something I want to be a part of.”

SRSLY? If Jason Giambi, who resembled a guy who works the line at a burger house by day and would punch your blood out in the tavern by night, could clean up his appearance for a truck full of Yankees money then couldn’t Price do the same? And Johnny Damon, whose beard could throw further than his arm, also abandoned facial hair for pinstripes. Never say never.

As much as I like to champion the cause those that rally against tradition, Price could be setting himself up for a nice lunch of words if it’s the Yankees who come knocking with the most dollars and years next winter.

Price is sure to have many suitors if there comes a point in the next year where he’s forced to leave the paradisiacal atmosphere of Joe Maddon’s Tampa Bay Rays. It’s not like the Yankees and their clean cut stylings will be the only option out there, although it’s entirely plausible they could make a significant play for his services. Whatever the case, both facial hair and David Price are held in pretty high regard around here. If there’s a commitment to be made, Price should go all in on beard.

Pictured: David Price with more beard

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  1. If he signs with the Jays he could have a beard down to his belly button

  2. Maybe he’s posturing to demand more money from the Yankees? Pretty early to be doing it but not an absurd tactic

  3. The Yankees may be ‘old school’, but they pay ‘new school’ money, and your beard ain’t all that good looking, either.

  4. I have been waiting for 40 years for someone to challenge the Yankee clean cut style – good for Mr Price. He will get lots of money without having to worry about dancing the Yankee tune – besides aren’t the Yanks going cheapskate now?

  5. I kinda get his point of view, the yankees are strict- everything is black and white (no pun intended). Price who is playing under madden right now is probably the polar opposite. Loose, fun, no-pressure are words you don’t associate with NY.I can see why a young guy who will make a boatload of cash anywhere, would choose other destinations over teh NYY.

    • I’ve seen the Yanks have plenty of fun. Most players who have played there say that it’s been a positive experience. As far as no pressure, that’s another story.

  6. Is it all facial hair? I thought their policy was just for sideburns

  7. A rich person who understands the notion of “enough money”. Nice.

  8. Frankly, I’m glad that someone’s willing to stand up to that moronic Yankees attitude. Stay strong, David Price.

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