This is why beat writers both going to Spring Training. This is why the idea that the World Baseball Classic is somehow more dangerous than Spring Training is insane. This is why newer, better, baseball helmets are now mandatory across baseball.

This is Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez nearly taking Giancarlo Stanton‘s head off during live BP.

More than anything. this is why Jose Fernandez, one of the top prospects in baseball, will never amount to ANYTHING in the game of baseball. That is Giancarlo Stanton you just beaned, Jose. Have you no tact? Have you no decency?

What an awful sight. Hopefully Stanton is fine. Fernandez, on the other hand, he has to face Stanton in the clubhouse. Expect his prospect stock to take a hit, as pitching without a head tends to be quite difficult.

Update: the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports Stanton is “fine”, he signed a few autographs before leaving the field and claimed he was not dizzy. Poor Jose Fernandez, whom I jokingly chided in the this post, was reportedly upset and rushed to the clubhouse to apologize to Stanton.