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Washington Nationals Photo Day

You have to feel for picture day portrait artists. There are only so many ways to take a worthwhile picture of a man’s face without getting too cute. After pouring over enough boring head shots from MLB’s various picture days, you soon gain an appreciation for those who at least try.

Try to make your shots interesting, even if it only ends in tears like poor, pensive Strasburg seen above. At least you tried.

Without further ado, hit the jump for some of the best and beardiest of this year’s picture day photos! Vote for your favorite beard in the comment section.

Washington Nationals Photo Day

Early contender for best beard, if not best man. Jayson Werth, I want you to teach me things. Things about life and things about livin’, man.

New York Yankees Photo Day

Lots of fun had at Joba’s expense re: his inexplicable moustache. I say go with, Joba. Go with it and OWN it.

Texas Rangers Photo Day

Poor Eli Whiteside. The well-travelled catcher was waived and claimed three times in the moment it took for the camera lens to open and close in capturing this photo.

San Francisco Giants Photo Day

This is what “getting too cute” looks like. The entire Giants team took weird photos inside this old-style jacuzzi tub. Which is just about the weirdest thing I’ve seen.

Boston Red Sox  Photo Day

Beard alert! Andrew Miller looks right as well as terrifying!

Los Angeles Dodgers Photo Day

Pretty excited for Justin Sellers‘ follow-up 7″ to the stand out Death Before DFA release with “Joe Torre can suck it” inscribed on the record matrix.

San Diego Padres Photo Day

Looking sharp, Andrew Cashner. Really think this will be a good year for you, bro. Wait, hurt again? Less bullish on your future, homey.

San Diego Padres Photo Day

Oakland Athletics Photo Day


Seattle Mariners Photo Day

It’s good to be (afraid of) the King.

Chicago White Sox Photo Day

No words. Not a one.

St Louis Cardinals Photo Day

Strong beard entry from Jason Motte. Should be bulletproof by October.

Cleveland Indians Photo Day

Jason Giambi is both intense and in his forties. A deadly combination – literally. Watch that blood pressure, Giambino.

Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day

Heath Bell needed a hug after a tough season but nobody stepped up to the plate so Bell took care of it himself.

Boston Red Sox  Photo Day

A boy and his dream job, together at last.

Comments (26)

  1. The one of Stras is actually pretty good.

  2. Giambi looks to be preparing for his fate as The Harbinger in slasher flicks.


    That’s funny stuff.

  4. Giambi should say thanks to Farrell … for once he’s only the second biggest douchebag in the lineup.

  5. King Felix picture is the baddest ass thing I’ve seen all day

  6. Suck it Farrel.

  7. Know that feel, Stras. Know that feel.

  8. Jayson Werth, praise his beard and flow.

    I can’t believe you didn’t include Bartolol Colon’s new pix. So much pudgy adorableness must be shared.

    The photographers rotate teams each year, and “themes” get repeated (like last year’s Yankees bathroom). Don’t know where the satanic red-light photographer ended up – the Phillies shots last year (year before?) were hideous and hardly funny at all.

  9. Good morning Mr President, what a fine day it…OH SHIT it’s just Farrell

    That chin gets me every time

  10. SUCK it Farrel 4th place!

  11. Giambi looks exactly like an owl.

  12. I imagine Werth telling biker gang stories but with Sam Elliott’s voice. Probably a story about killing a hobo too.

  13. That’s the happiest Farrell will look all season. S.I.F.

  14. That’s not an ‘old-style jacuzzi tub’ that the Giants posed in, it’s an ice bath tub. You fill it with cold water and throw in a bunch of ice cubes, then there’s a jet to keep the water circulating around your skin (otherwise, your body would heat up a thin layer of water around your body – keeping it circulating keeps the water around you colder). “Cold-tubbing” is used by many athletes to aid in post-workout recovery so that you can come back stronger the next day.

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