Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees

Your pulse-quickening news of the day. The Boston Red Sox acquire first base/outfield/DH guy Mike Carp from the Seattle Mariners, just days after the M’s DFA’d the 26-year old.

Given the glut of guys who do the exact same thing as Carp, he was the odd man out. In Boston he will be the 25th man, slotting in to spell the Napoli’s and Papi’s of the world. As a cheap fill-in for a slightly oldish team, you could do worse than Carp. It is easy to forget that Mike Carp was actually quite good as recently as 2011, when he posted a 123 wRC+ with 12 homers in 300 plate appearances.

Carp always hit well in the minors, though any and all PCL warning flags might fly high over this .853 career OPS at Triple-A. The Mariners receive a player to be named later or cash considerations, whichever comes first.

Carp told Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times that Boston is “a better opportunity” for him as he stands to get more ABs in Boston. Not many more, but some. That’s all a quad-A guy can ask for at this point of his career, I suppose.