Canada v Toronto Blue Jays

At last, a nation can breathe easy. Cincinnati Reds first baseman and good ol’ Etobicoke boy, Joey Votto, has committed to Team Canada for the World Baseball Classic.

Votto joins the likes of Justin Morneau, Brett Lawrie, Russell Martin, and Michael Saunders, to name a few, as Canada prepares to open their tournament on March 8 versus Italy. Canada will then face Mexico on March 9, and the United States the following day.

The rest of the Canadian roster can be viewed here.

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  1. Say it IS so, Etobicoke Joe!

    You see what I did there?
    The “ke” is silent and thus poetry is born!
    I would love to see Canadian baseball go deep into the final four of this tournament. Regardless of the quality of the position players, however, It’s the pitching that will have to carry them.

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