MLB 2K13 Official Trailer

Welp, this thing must really be happening if there’s a trailer. 2K Sports’ last minute addition console baseball sim is set for a March 5 release, and they have finally offered up a look at what we can expect.

There’s little in the way of new features showcased here, but there is a look at the Houston Astros’ new duds and a glimpse at several high profile free agents with their new clubs. Oh, and there’s Giancarlo Stanton blasting a virtual home run that’s sure to have Drew Fairservice changing his pants this afternoon.

Comments (7)

  1. Well, that looks like ass.

  2. The only reason I own a PS3 is for The Show. I think I chose wisely.

  3. When’s Baseball Mogul 2014 coming out?

  4. Wow. I am so glad I’ve hung onto my copy of MVP ’05 all these years.

    When the hell is EA getting back into it???

  5. wow and i swear i only saw one jays player. fuckin bullshit. i’m pretty sure if you look an mlb the show commercial, they’ll at least show bautista. instead they just show the same players. obviously, they don’t give a fuck about sales in canada either….

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