Texas Rangers Photo Day

It’s only the first game of Spring Training…and it is more baseball audio through you computer or device of choice but it counts! The Grapefruit and Cactus League schedules kick off today with games! Games between teams!

Some clubs are still working through the split squad/local junior college sacrifice stage of the spring sked but today, real baseball! Well, the Reds/Cleveland game is a “charity” game but you, baseball junkie, should not look your own charitable gifts in the mouth. Or something.

Rick Porcello pitches against his spirit animal Tim Hudson today in Lakeland, Florida. Craig Kimbrell pitches today so, hey, strikeouts! Derek Holland pitches for the Rangers ahead of the World Baseball Classic, with rotation contender (and energetic dude) Robbie Ross following him at some point today.

Baseball(lite)! Baseball (sort of)! Baseball! We’ve waited oh so long.