Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals

In the ongoing saga of MLB players and the Miami New Times report on PEDs, Gio Gonzalez has stood his ground. The Washington Nationals left-hander was quick to issue a statement condemning the report’s inclusion of his name, despite what any Biogenesis ledger said.

Gonzalez, it has been purported, was not directly linked to any substances that appear on MLB’s banned list. According to a report from the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore, Gonzalez is claiming to have been tested just two days after the release of the Miami New Times’ report. Predictably, Gonzalez reports a pass in his January 31st test.

Via The Washington Post:

“Like I said before, I’ve never taken performance-enhancing drugs and I never will,” Gonzalez said. “Two days after the story broke, I was tested for blood and urine, and both came out negative, like I expected. Throughout my entire career, it’s been like that. I look forward to handling this with MLB and putting this behind me and looking forward to the season.”

Not that I want to dwell on this stuff any further, but I don’t think passing a drug test after the release of information for which we have few legitimate details necessarily negates any wrongdoing. Regardless, we’re simply looking at Gonzalez attempting to distance himself even further from the allegations that he cheated.

Just another indication that drug-fuelled controversy will not go away so easily.