Just yesterday Getting Blanked covered the supply and demand challenges for the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays, undeterred, announced plans to broadcast some Spring Training games on a fringey non-sports arm of their vast Rogers broadcasting octopus. This, friends, is making the most of your ability to supply the increasing demand. And profit all the while!

The above video clip shows how far the Blue Jays have come, as the Jays used to cover over the 500 level seats they were never going to sell, a habit they kicked quite quickly.

Are the above two “paragraphs” just window dressing for an opportunity to post Manny Ramirez absolutely destroying a Chris Carpenter (!!!) offering into the fifth deck, high above the starred mark where Jose Canseco once cranked one as a member of the Jays (!!!)? Of course they are! DINGERS!