Welp. That’s one way to kick off the season. This college game between Sacramento State and the University of California-Riverside (shoutout to Marc Rzepczynski!) goes from “ordinary rundown” to “haymaker square to the jaw” in about 10 seconds flat.

A terrible scene on the baseball field, one easily avoided if, you know, the runner didn’t smash the second baseman in the face. More alarming: the way in which the local news affliatte packaged this story.

The huge punch appears EIGHT TIMES (by my count) in the 103 second-long piece. They literally cut to the punch after every interview/talking head shot. Ugly. Enjoy baseball today, remember a donnybrook lurks around every corner.

Hat tip to Cork Gaines and Business Insider.

Comments (10)

  1. Someone’s going to get expelled from campus

  2. Didn’t even flinch. Wow.

  3. “This hasn’t happened on our team for 6, 8 years” is probably the best baseball coach quote ever.

  4. What a wimpy punch

  5. Can we take a brief moment to notice that there is a human being (not a Star Wars character) named Gulstan Dart?

  6. Gulstan Dart for President!

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