New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers - Game Four

The New York Yankees will be without All-Star outfielder Curtis Granderson for the first two months of the season after X-rays revealed a fractured forearm after being hit by a pitch Sunday.

Granderson, who was mired in a terrible slump for the final two months of 2012, was hit by a J.A. Happ pitch in the first inning of the game against the Blue Jays and was forced to leave the game. Last season, he hit .232/.319/.492 with 43 home runs.

The Yankees, already without Alex Rodriguez until at least the All-Star break, will now have to turn to Brett Gardner in centre field, with Juan Rivera and Matt Diaz battling for playing time in left field.

Comments (6)

  1. Well look at that. Happ’s contributing already.

  2. Happ and Huckaby – forever in our hearts.

    No, seriously, shadenfreude is bad.

  3. Good thing Michael Bourne signed already mwahaha

  4. We should send him a get well Mr Freezie

  5. Sucks to see a top lvl player go down. I feel for the yanks fans…..but seeing as they are in our div… smiling on the inside lol

  6. The reports I’ve read say he’ll be out until May but not the end of May so he should only miss the first month+ of the season.

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