Sure, it’s just Spring Training and the wind is blowing out and the smaller ballpark makes the home run look that much more impressive, but damn if this Miguel Cabrera megajack off Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon isn’t a sight to behold. High into the sunny sky, appearing to land just beyond [insert Central Florida landmark here.]

Baseball highlights, ain’t nothing like them!

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  1. He hit it over the Tiki-bar!!!!!

  2. Nice command Pap.

  3. Oh my was that Gary Matthews I heard?

  4. I take back what I suggested in an earlier thread that Papelbon may be the only player for whom it’s ok to wish harm. I wish him no harm. I only wish that this happens to him every damned time.

  5. He hit that all the way to Del Boco Vista.

  6. His bat flip needs serious work.

  7. I was standing behind the bullpens when he hit it left the stadium. A worker picked it up and threw it back to us. The guy next to me caught it. It was a Papel….Bomb for sure.

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