Make fun of J.P. Arencibia all you want, as this video shot behind poor Pete Walker shows; catching R.A. Dickey is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for the slow of reflex or the easy or bruise.

Dickey’s warm-up tosses dance just as billed, even when thrown flat-footed from 45 feet away. R.A. Dickey threw two innings in his Blue Jays spring debut yesterday, allowing four hits and two runs. Monday’s start against the Red Sox was rare as it featured another knuckleballer, the Sox sending Steven Wright to the hill under the watchful eye of his knuckling mentor, Tim Wakefield.

Knuckleballs are becoming something of a novel treat in the baseball world, as the MLB Network reality show “The Next Great Knuckleball” finished its run last week with Josh Booty winning a chance to compete for a spot on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Booty is yet to pitch for the Snakes after just coming to camp on Sunday. His story is that of a novelty and little more, one that leaves me wondering what kind of carrot was dangled before the D-Backs in exchange for their participation in this circus.