Domonic Brown‘s prospect trajectory could easily be classified as “tragic.” From can’t miss to can’t hit to can’t get a break, what the Phillies plan to do with their former top prospect — one they wouldn’t part with in any potential Roy Halladay trade — is anyone’s guess. This is a team which signed Delmon Young in the off-season, for the love of everything holy!

Watching Brown’s smooth stroke take Zach Nuding over the batters’ eye in center makes it seem like anything is possible for the lanky outfielder.

It also, convinently, points out a terrific wrinkle added by Baseball Reference today. You can now check out Spring Training stats on anybody’s BR page with a key feature: quality of opposition. Not all spring stats are created equal, so the geniuses at Baseball Reference grade the quality of the opposition. The stats are, unfortunately, not historical but will be kept from this day forward.

A decent reminder that Zach Nuding is not Yu Darvish. Nuding hasn’t pitched about high-A yet so, while he might be good one day, he isn’t quite good yet. Dom Brown hitting glorified BP homers is not nothing but it ain’t quite something either.