This is why baseball players spend the spring practicing the fundamentals and getting into game shape. Nik Turley can’t send a simple pickoff throw to first, Alexi Casilla can’t dodge a human obstacle, and Dan Johnson can’t get out of the way. The only thing uglier than this play is Turley’s line: 0.1 IP; 3 H; 5 R; 4 ER; 1 BB; 1 K.

Working out the spring kinks and oh hey Getting Blanked .gifs are back.

Comments (7)

  1. Can we get the GIF’s of the week back please.

  2. I’ll be snarkless in the direction of Dan Johnson, who was doing fine until Casilla decided to launch his head into Johnson’s groin.

  3. Dammit Scott you’re just a tease! Next thing you’ll tell us there’s no podcast this week.

  4. I’m I the only one who notices how much of a balk that was? i legit though he was going home!

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