Life is too short for quibbling over details like whether this is “possible” or not, friends. Just sit there and enjoy this ridiculous video, won’t you?

Hat tip to Mike Axisa of River Avenue Blues.

Update: What year is it? 2013? You know we gotta have that gif.

Comments (9)

  1. wait how is it fake?

    • How would he completely change direction mid-air otherwise?

      • Yeah, it looks more like he jumps and tucks down, which helps accentuate the rotation, which allows him to land on his shoulder and roll onto his back and pop back up. I say real.

        You’re such a cynic, Fairservice!

    • In that gravity doesn’t allow you to propel your legs over your head while laying out to make a catch. Which is why normal people land on their stomachs and glide out after a catch.

  2. Change direction? You’re talking about his rotation, not his direction, he is clearly going the same direction the whole way through.

  3. If it’s real he’s lucky he didn’t break his neck.

  4. Someone forgot to say, “HELLO!” This will be another commercial in a month. I say fake.

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