Fresh on the heels of the wacky outfielder catch/flip/thing yesterday comes this bizarre Japanese commercial for a vaguely Red Bull product. Reader Gino sent this my way, saying most of the people on the subreddit in which it originally appeared believed it be real.

Real it ain’t. Awesome it is. That’s sort of the way it works with these videos. Take them for what they are: cool ways to Friday away your Friday. FRIDAY!

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  1. THat ball gets there faster than any home run I’ve ever seen, but it’s a nice try.

  2. His shrug at 0:10 would be a great freeze-frame-to-end-credits for an 80s sitcom called “That’s Our Ichiro!”

  3. I’m praying for about 10 gif’s to be made…

  4. Here’s Ichiro! meeting Michael Jordan for the first time.

  5. The throw’s not that impressive, 91 metres is only 298.6 feet. I can long-toss 320 feet, although probably not at that trajectory.

    It’s the accuracy that’s kinda cool, I doubt they could’ve took that many takes or his arm would get tired. That’s why it would be faked, it’s not that the feats are impossible to do.

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