We don’t get too much PR email spam here at Getting Blanked. Maybe we do but I am just conditioned to ignore it, who knows? Either way, very little PR flacks send unsolicited gets beyond the “who cares?” stage with me.

When we received an email today extolling the virtues of “numerologist Yogi Akal, and his expertise on sports numerology” I sat up and gave notice. Look at that guy! He can see the sporting future? Awesome. Biff Tannen in the building, right?

The good people at his PR firm choose to include a snippet of his sage advice, seeing good, indifferent and/or bad things this month for Lebron James, Tom Brady, and Alex Gonzalez?

Alex Gonzalez has been cleaning house and he is coming in for his reward. Think fast, because the field is changing and so is he. By the end of May he is positioned to be somewhere new. His family is growing, his coaches are changing, his communication opportunities are opening up.

Aside from being about as vague as the word vague allows, is Alex Gonzalez really the big fish Yogi Akal is trying to land her?

Presumably this is the numerology for Alex Rodriguez, who is very famous and very rich, not unlike Tom Brady and Lebron James. Alex Gonzalez is probably rich and is at least known within baseball circles, considering he is currently attempting to make the Brewers as a first baseman after a stellar career as a glove-first shortstop who ran into some fastballs as Blue Jay that one time, we can assume Gonzalez’s name doesn’t trip off the tongue of Yogi Akal.

Either way, I hope the good Yogi didn’t pay in advance for this PR work. Though, were he any good, he should have seen this shoddy work coming, shouldn’t he?

Click here for screenshot of original email.