The first time I stepped foot inside a Hooters restaurant was last summer. I went out for lunch with former Getting Blanked editor, Dustin Parkes. Neither of us are all that comfortable forcibly ogling scantily clad waitresses, or chowing on fried food, but that $3 domestic beer promotion was incredibly difficult to turn down. You might say we would have looked out of place at Hooters that afternoon. Well, not quite as out of place as a Hooters waitress charged with the responsibility of chasing down foul balls at a spring training game.

In one at-bat this Wednesday afternoon, Roy Halladay took it upon himself to send a message to the Washington Nationals in retaliation for Stephen Strasburg plunking Chase Utley, and just two pitches later we witnessed a Hooters girl mistaking a fair ball for a foul one. Not even baseball’s foremost pitching android or a waitress rocking booty shorts could make this sequence the least bit sexy. Spring training baseball, you guys.