The first time I stepped foot inside a Hooters restaurant was last summer. I went out for lunch with former Getting Blanked editor, Dustin Parkes. Neither of us are all that comfortable forcibly ogling scantily clad waitresses, or chowing on fried food, but that $3 domestic beer promotion was incredibly difficult to turn down. You might say we would have looked out of place at Hooters that afternoon. Well, not quite as out of place as a Hooters waitress charged with the responsibility of chasing down foul balls at a spring training game.

In one at-bat this Wednesday afternoon, Roy Halladay took it upon himself to send a message to the Washington Nationals in retaliation for Stephen Strasburg plunking Chase Utley, and just two pitches later we witnessed a Hooters girl mistaking a fair ball for a foul one. Not even baseball’s foremost pitching android or a waitress rocking booty shorts could make this sequence the least bit sexy. Spring training baseball, you guys.

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  1. In Halladay’s last game as a Jay, he hit Ortiz square in the back in response to Papelbon hitting Lind the night before. Doc’s always good for some old school baseball retaliation.

    • “Old School Baseball Retaliation” equals hitting a player because a totally different player hit someone the game before? & Probably accidentally, to boot? That makes absolutely zero sense. We don’t call that “Old School Retaliation”, we call it being a bonehead.

      • It may not make sense to you Kaitlin, but we wouldn’t expect you to know any better. It was no accident and it makes complete sense, if you get it, which apparently you don’t. It is old school baseball and we’ll accept that you are a bonehead.

      • Kaitlin: oon’t get your Hooters in a bunch!! Its part of the game whether you like it or not and they ALL do it. You must be new to baseball-in that case, keep quiet and observe. t.

        • Hooters in a bunch? Misogynistic much? Violence might be part of the game but that doesn’t mean she should approve. Where are the reffs when this happens?

          • There are no “reffs” in baseball. They have umpires.

          • There is enough dirt on the field! Why the heck would you have a prostitute at a baseball game! How disgusting!!!

            • What’s the difference between having a hooters girl at a baseball game and having cheerleaders and so dance teams at football and or basketball games?? Besides all good looking women should wear high heels and bikinis all day for men’s enjoyment!!!

            • How dare you call them that…they have a legal career and it has nothing to do with providing sexual services of any type…

        • They all do it is NOT a valid reason. On the street, hurling a projectile at speeds of over 90MPH at one’s head is a felony. The same nitwit that condones the bean ball is the same douchenozzle that says there’s no place for fighting in hockey. Their “logic” is inconsistent.

          Baseball players traditionally have weaker social skills than more other athletes. Just a fact. Therefore, you’ll never see something like the bean ball banished from the sport, and I use the word “sport” loosely.

      • As much as I agree that it is a pitcher’s way of saying that if you are going to hit my guys I’m going to hit yours, I also agree Kaitlyn that it is out of anger and not keeping a cool head therefore if its not a cool head it has to be a bone head. But nevertheless, its not that you must retaliate but if I’m getting smoked by a 95 mph fastball every week because none of pitchers will get my back. I guess I wouldn’t know who to be p.o.’d at so with that said. Quit bein a whiner you know a Halladay caliber pitcher will give you a free base and something to swing at next AB so I couldn’t as a hitter ask for more. When I would take my swings, you know back in the day before I gave my pro career up, my damn uncle was the coach and he told me hit the ball unless you can let it hit you. So I’m 80/20 on this and the 20 being the bonehead and the bonehead only being if we really can’t afford to bean someone which in Papa or Linds case a free base might be the least of your concerns if you let em swing. I am from Anderson, IN, ADAM LIND IS A BAMF, and I in no way want to see him get pitches hurled at him from MLB caliber arms, but hey that’s baseball minus the bs.

        • “In Halladay’s last game as a Jay, he hit Ortiz square in the back in response to Papelbon hitting Lind the night before. Doc’s always good for some old school baseball retaliation.”

          was the original post….

          cant yall just let some humor through without taking a fucking microscope to it?

          seriously… shut the fuck up and have a laugh at the above statement :P NEXT!

  2. If only she was wearing her shades over her eyes and not on top of her head.

  3. Everything she did was cute and sexy, from the fact that she so brainlessly, bogglingly ditzy that she so calmly picks up a fair ball in a hooters outfit to the fact of when she realized what had happened she lowered her head and quickley sulked back to her chair like a lil embarresed child

    • I actually didn’t see her pick the ball up…..

      • She should not have been allowed to be at a baseball game!! What is the world coming to? Doesn’t anyone have morals or family values anymore???? My goodness!!!

    • She stopped just short of even TOUCHING the ball, Mike and I don’t think she even REALIZED she had made a mistake; looking at the video, at the fans in the seats to the left of her, several people seem to be shouting at her.

  4. Good God, they play tie games and with split squads in spring training. A wee goof, that is all.


  5. OMG – they should at least know some basic rules if they’re going to be on the field. I like the eye candy, but how about a 1-day class before deployment?

    • i have to agree,if any 1 should be on any feild baseball,football or even courtside in some kind of postion other than a player or ofical they should know the game,u would never see a cheerleader ever touch a ball unless the play was completly done & even then it would be a rare situation,bat boys & girls would never touvh the ball untill the play was completed,just cuse they are hootersdoes not mean they are brainless just some women like some men don`t know the games,they should go through a type of training camp,so they don`t look dumb or make major misstakes.
      good luck ladies

    • It’s just sooo hard for them to resist the urge to play with balls!!!!! 3:)

  6. Yes, Joe_baby is right, basic rules are important before anyone enters the field.

  7. Who cares, she has a nice ass

    • Whoever that dude is that said “Not even baseball’s foremost pitching android or a waitress rocking booty shorts could make this sequence the least bit sexy.” is a frigging moron! That girl could make BURLAP look sexy!

      • Hell yeah, she’s hot as hell. She could make mistakes around me all day long if she wanted. I agree this was a spring training game, she made a mistake and no harm was done. This wasn’t a playoff game or clinching a game. I’d take her out to dinner for sure :)

  8. it wasnt going to be a single or a triple or and inside the parker.. 99.99% chance double. go to second, and enjoy the beauty…

  9. Yes, admiring women as brainless, half-naked skanks really confirms you jocks as monkeys.

  10. we were there on 3rd row seats up from ball girl …my wife and I …you can see us when they zoom in

  11. Awesome! She’s hot, plus it’s just spring training. Shoot, it justs baseball. Bathe her and bring her to my chambers! Or don’t bathe her and bring her to my chambers!

  12. Old adage: You get what you pay for :)

  13. She obviously knows very little about baseball. The fault goes to those who are retarded enough to use Hooter girls to do a job other girls, and guys know how to do, and should be doing.

    • She should not be allowed to attend a baseball game! There are families that go to the games! It’s not a strip bar!

      • The hell, is this nazi germany. She has the right to where w/e the hell she wants. I supposed you get offended at the beaches too huh??

      • I find the fatness of many baseball fans more offensive than her. Children shouldn’t be exposed to such unhealthy and depressing view.

      • Oh please Lisa, If your children watch TV, go to PG movies or the mall (or to the like of most schools) they see this type of attire!

  14. Ooops! Oh well, like always with Hooters girls, nobody was looking at the ball anyway!

  15. Ahhh the Gentleman’s Game….

  16. That’s OK, sweetheart – my balls are always foul ….. -can’t believe I just said that;-)

  17. For bonus points: Do any of you know why the Phillies use Hooters girls? Old schoolers know, but what about the young, bandwagon knuckleheads who started following them on Oct. 30, 2008?

  18. A hooter girl is just inappropriate in a public place where there are families attending! The shank belongs in a strip club! This should not be allowed! She and the baseball team should be ashamed of themselves!!!! I want to see the baseball game not prostitution! What the heck!!!

  19. Welcome, Yahoo! commenters. We appreciate your patronage but hate your inane comments with the passion of one thousand suns.

    Sincerely, the management.

    • Dear “the management,”

      Why not one thousand and one suns? Did you lose count?


      The rest of us

      P.S. At least folks are reading this dreck.

      • Reading the dreck and leaving misogynistic comments are not the same thing. Neither is making a broad, baseless generalization and following it up with “just a fact.”

        • I agree!! Some of the comments on here are just plain rude and uncalled for. Regardless if she is a hooters girl or not she made a simple mistake. I do not think it’s because she is dumb or otherwise. I am a female college student and I prolly would have done the same thing ( and I am far from stupid, I just dont follow a boring sport like baseball). The point being is it was a funny moment and these comments are out of hand. Also, the comments about what she is wearing is uncalled for too….I didnt realize that baseball games had a dress code.

  20. Prostitute? Really? So anyone in tight or revealing clothing obviously sells their body for sex? Lighten up, Francis. I can think of a bunch of statues of Greek hookers and male prostitutes, now that we have cleared that up.

  21. Most of u men should be ashamed of your comments!

  22. It’s okay ladies if you don’t have brains. I’m coming to Hooter’s for the chicken wings anyway.

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