Oakland Athletics v Milwaukee Brewers

Whether it’s David Price slamming the New York Yankees facial hair policy or Josh Reddick (pictured above) engaging in a “beard-off” with a rassler, beards are a hot item in baseball right now. Maybe it’s just that spring training is a long, dull drag and we’re all far too easily amused. Whatever the case, beards are rad and there’s a number of Major Leaguers sporting significant growth right now.

Here’s a look at several manes that currently have the attention of beard enthusiasts:

Bobby Parnell’s red-brown chin-bush

St Louis Cardinals v New York Mets

Lucas Duda’s “good face” growth

Miami Marlins v New York Mets

Andrew Miller is Devendra Banhart

Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles

Jayson Werth is all man

Washington Nationals Photo Day

Comments (4)

  1. That Devendra Banhart one is spot on. Minus the spelling.

  2. if andrew miller keeps that up all season he will have a new fan.

    hate the red sox, love the long hairs.

  3. Holy shard Andrew Miller! I smell a new Duck Dynasty cast member! As soon as the Red Sox start blowing it……”He Gone.”

  4. I love Andrew Miller’s hair and the beard is pretty rad. But I definitely love the hair more than the beard. I have always liked Andrew Miller so it doesn’t matter at all what his beard looks like. It works for him and his success. If it worked for Samson it will most definitely work for him.

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