World Baseball Classic- San Diego Day 2

With the score 4-1 in favour of Canada, Mexico outfielder Karim Garcia tried to make it just a two run deficit, but failed to do so after bowling over Canada catcher Chris Robinson.

The play was a big moment in what has to be considered a must win for both clubs, as Garcia never looked to be tagged on the play, nor did he ever touch home plate.


Garcia was replaced in the field the next inning after being injured on this play.

GIF via: Cork Gaines

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  1. Did nobody notice, including the commentators, that the ump never called him safe nor out? He was never tagged by Robinson’s glove, and he never bothered trying to touch the plate? Pretty sure my dad would have disowned me for not trying to touch home plate on that play back in bantam softball…

    • The ump eventually did signal out, but that may have been because Garcia walked away from the home plate area.

  2. What about the hard slides into second by robinision??

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